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Jay Dadlani

Managing Director

Over here you will get an excellent insight into our company and its capabilities, and useful information about the different products and services that we provide.
It has been an exciting journey, and I would like to reflect back on the various achievements and milestones crossed since its inception in early 2004. Our success in building a company with a solid track record is due to our long-term strategic approach and also to our focus on quality in everything that we do. Our vision, strategy, and policies will always be geared towards continuous innovation and better performance. With the ongoing infrastructural development in the Middle East, we are incorporating radical changes to our business strategies by keeping customers’ demands and requirements as our top priority, thereby consistently contributing to the region’s economic growth.
At Honest Steel, we strongly believe in motivating and developing dynamic and agile human resources to enable them to realize their potential and succeed in performing their work, which helps us to meet the challenging requirements of our clients and markets.
Honest Steel is a company that has achieved the highest levels of customer satisfaction, a provider of exceptionally high-quality service. A great place to work, a provider of exceptionally high-quality service, a company that carries itself in the marketplace with the highest levels of business integrity and business ethics, and a company composed of dedicated, accomplished professionals, committed to customers.
Thank you for visiting our website and for considering our products and services. We welcome the opportunity to answer your queries and discuss your needs. Please let us know how we can be of assistance to you.

Nikhil Dadlani


My role as a director can be broadly categorised into three areas: Strategy; Finance; and Management. I am a lead strategy advisor to the company’s board and chairman.
I frequently prepare novel business plans to expand our presence in the region and discuss this with the board. When strategy or business plans are approved, I lead their implementation in the organisation. I am responsible for overseeing the company’s financial performance.
To achieve this, I closely monitor existing and potential investment opportunities and determine the effect of these positions on our finances. Moreover, I regularly assess subsidiary/sister business ventures because these often serve as a source of revenue.
My fundamental role in management is to ensure that company policies and legal guidelines are communicated and complied with through the company hierarchy. This entails delegating responsibilities to employees and supervising them.
As a manager, I constantly act as a source of feedback and guidance for our team to ensure that all issues are resolved. I also analyse reports produced by lower-ranked managers which assess employee performances, issues, and potential solutions. I act as the pivot for all communications and so I directly liaise with all our internal and external stakeholders.
My principal aspiration is to contribute to the successful growth of our company. In this process, I aim to become an industry leader and reach an executive level in the company because of the effort I put into my work.